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Company Information and Quality Control.

Fylde Electronic Laboratories Ltd. has specialised in the design and manufacture of analogue instrumentation in Preston since its formation in 1964.

Our signal conditioning products concentrate on the link between the transducer and the data acquisition system. Fylde has introduced innovative and cost effective solutions to conditioning most types of transducer, and has provided top quality instruments to aerospace and vehicle manufacturers for many years.

We are independent of any particular transducer supplier, but our experience makes us well placed to recommend an appropriate transducer for your application.

Fylde's broad spread of standard instrumentation is also found in educational establishments, research centres, and in industries ranging from power generation gas turbines down to hydraulic valve production and testing.

Fylde instrumentation is constantly evolving, and as new transducers demand new techniques, Fylde has in house design and manufacturing capabilities to respond.

As well as the standard instruments, Fylde can help in the specification, design and production of custom and semi-custom instrumentation and is constantly at work with engineers of all disciplines who demand the best in bespoke design at a realistic price.

Fylde performance today remains a benchmark for low noise analogue design.

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Customer Charter

Our policy for product warranty and technical support

Quality Certificate

ISO 9001:2015 Certification

Conformance Our policies for Product Conformance with legislation.

Fylde are proud of our ISO9001:2008 registration, Product quality depends on the entire life cycle of the product from specification through design and manufacture, product support and servicing. We know that many Fylde products continue in service for decades, and we continue to maintain the build quality and continuity of support which contributes to such longevity.

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