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Fylde Electronic Laboratories Ltd. Applications.


Strain measurement using resistive bridge transducers.

Dynamic strain measurement using constant current energisation.

Pressure, Torque, Load measurements using resistive bridge transducers such as load cells.

Acceleration Measurement using piezo-electric (charge source) transducers and ICP transducers.

Vibration measurement using tachometer transducers linked to tracking filters

Frequency measurements using optical or magnetic pick ups.

Temperature measurement using RTD or thermocouples

Non-contact displacement measurement using capacitive transducers, e.g. turbine blade tip clearance measurements.

Contact displacement measurement using LVDTs

Isolation Amplifiers and other techniques for handling high and medium voltage common mode signals

Fylde try to stay independent of any particular transducer supplier, and in this way are able to make recommendations on the best transducer for your application.




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