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Fylde Electronic Laboratories Ltd. Data Sheets.

Adobe Acrobat PDF format for Fylde Connections Data.
 Pin Out of Connections on Fylde Systems
Data Sheet

All data sheets are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.
FE-366-TA Dual Channel Micro-Analog2 Strain Gauge (Bridge) Amplifier Data Sheet
FE-376-IPF Dual Channel Micro-Analog2 IEPE (Accel) Amplifier Data Sheet
FE-386-TC Dual Channel Micro-Analog2 Thermocouple Amplifier Data Sheet
FE-346-CA Dual Channel Micro-Analog2 (LVDT) Carrier Amplifier Data Sheet
FE-396-FV Dual Channel Micro-Analog2 Frequency to Voltage Converter Data Sheet
FE-366-AZ Micro-Analog2 Auto Zero Module Data Sheet
FE-MM4 Micro-Analog2 enclosure for 4 channels with USB Data Sheet
FE-MM8 Micro-Analog2 enclosure for 8 channels with USB Data Sheet
FE-MM16 Micro-Analog2 enclosure for 16 channels with USB Data Sheet
FE-MM40 Micro-Analog2 enclosure for 40 channels with USB Data Sheet
 FE-560-IA Isolation amplifier with 100 mV to 1000 V range  Data Sheet
 FE-561-IA Isolation amplifier with 1 V to 2500 V range  Data Sheet
 FE-379-TA Versatile Bridge / Transducer Amplifier with wide range of features.  Data Sheet
 FE-H379-TA Special Bridge / Transducer Amplifier with very high (500 kHz) bandwidth  Data Sheet
 FE-128-CA Classic Charge Amplifier  Data Sheet
 FE-128-CA-H Classic Charge Amplifier - High Charge Input  Data Sheet
 FE-579-TA Bridge Transducer Amplifier.  Data Sheet
 FE-530-IE IEPE Transducer Conditioner and AC Coupled Amplifier  Data Sheet
 FE-537-SGA Dynamic Strain Amplifier energises a strain gauge with a precise constant current to measure changes in strain.  Data Sheet
 FE-351-UA General Purpose High Performance differential D.C. Amplifier   Data Sheet
 FE-419-CDT For use with capacitive transducers in high temperature environments where longer cables are necessary  Data Sheet
 FE-420-CDT For use with capacitive transducers suited to extremely small distance variations and fast rise times.  Data Sheet
 FE-363-TCL Thermocouple Amplifier with linearisation. Available in four temperature ranges.  Data Sheet
 FE-3051-TF Tracking Filter usually used to identify the amplitude of harmonic frequencies in vibration measurement applications  Data Sheet
 FE-301-SF General purpose active filter module with optional characteristics and front panel control of filter frequencies.  Data Sheet
 FE-315-PRT True RMS Precision Rectifier with bandwidth up to 20 kHz  Data Sheet
FE-294-IA Integrator module used to provide velocity and displacement measurements to complement an acceleration measurement.  Data Sheet
 FE-578-FV "Instantaneous" Frequency to Voltage Converter follows frequency changes with a lag of only 1 cycle of frequency. High accuracy and linearity.  Data Sheet
 FE-430-ICP For use with piezo-transducers with built in electronics or can be combined with a head amp for conventional transducers.  Data Sheet
 FE-450-ICP Similar to FE-430-ICP, but with digital controls and gain display. Can be remotely controlled.  Data Sheet
 FE-074-HA/C A series of in line head amplifiers which can be used with Charge transducers and IEPE receiver amplifiers.  Data Sheet
 FE-071-HA/C A series of in line head amplifiers which can be used when Charge Transducers have low impedance due to elevated temperature.  Data Sheet
 FE-452-MM Used to control a number of FE-450-ICP modules in a system.   Data Sheet
 FE-M6-DS Switchable DVM type monitor unit for up to 14 inputs.  Data Sheet
 FE-176-CC  Charge Source type Tranducer Simulator  Data Sheet
 FE-276-TS  Full Bridge (350 ohm) Transducer Simulator  Data Sheet


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