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Fylde Electronic Laboratories Ltd: Frequency Measurement.


Generally referred to as frequency to voltage conversion, the principal features of frequency measurement are as follows:

Frequency to Voltage Modules

Note that the FE-578-FV can be set by the user to any full scale frequency. The FE-396-FV has a number of jumper selectable frequency ranges from 50 Hz to 20 kHz

The FE-396-FV is a Micro Analog 2 module which can be connected by USB to make a frequency data acquisistion system. Free FYLDE MADAQ software is supplied with all USB systems.


A single channel module with an instantaneous response to change of input frequency. This module needs only one cycle of the input frequency to produce the output voltage. It is suitable for all types of frequency measurement from 10Hz to 50 kHz.


This is a two channel module in the micro-analog 2 style. It uses on board jumpers to select both the full scale frequency and the speed of response. It is an extremely versatile module combining low cost, accuracy, and speed of response




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