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Fylde 1800 Series.

The Fylde 1800 series is uncompromisingly designed to meet the need for a high channel density modular analogue signal conditioning system capable of operating in the most demanding of vehicle (including aircraft) environments. It has a proven history of use in flight test and motor vehicle applications measuring precise mechanical parameters. A comprehensive set of data sheets for all modules are available for download.

Dual Bridge / Transducer Amplifier FE1810 Data Sheet

The bridge power supply generated by the system is combined with the on board bridge completion and instrumentation amplifier to provide two channels of high quality bridge amplification.

Single Channel Bridge / Transducer Amplifier FE1819 Data Sheet


This single channel module has front panel controls including a bridge balance system and shunt calibration system.

Dual Accelerometer Amplifier FE1817 Data Sheet

The module incorporates constant current sources for transducer excitation and provides two channels of dynamic amplification including configurable three pole filters.

Dual Dynamic Strain Amplifier FE1823 Data Sheet Application Note

When strain gauges are excited by a very precise and low noise constant current, two wire connection to the gauge provides excellent dynamic results.

Dual Thermocouple Amplifier Data Sheet

This module includes cold junction compensation and linearisation for K type thermocouples. Measurement range is -50°C to +1000°C.

Dual RMS to DC Converter Data Sheet

This module measures the RMS amplitude of input waveforms. Bandwidth is from 15.9 Hz to 50 kHz.

FE1800MCU System Chassis Data Sheet

This system case is constructed from machined aluminium and occupies a small envelope (180 W x 76 H x 108 D) It can accept up to 8 dual channel modules to provide a very compact 16 channel signal conditioning system.

FE1801MCU Chassis

Where only one or two channels are required in a small space, this chassis allows a power supply and signal conditioning module to be combined in an envelope of only 36 W x 66 H x 88 D.



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