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1. Introduction
2. Schematic of an Amplifier System
3. Mode of Operation
4. Fylde Receiving Amplifiers
5. Converting Piezo Transducers
6. Fylde Head Amplifiers
7. Notes relating to Cables
7.1 Cable from Transducer or Head Amp to Receiving Amplifier
7.2 Input Cables from Piezo Transducers to Head Amplifier
7.2.1 True Charge Head Amplifiers
7.2.2 Buffer Head Amplifiers
7.2.3 Passive Charge Amplifiers

FYLDE are UK signal conditioning designers and manufacturers. We supply signal conditioning systems for strain gauge, thermocouple, lvdt, piezo, accelerometer, load cell, torque transducer, capacitance probe, charge amplifier, isolation amplifier, icp, and other transducers. Applications include instrumentation systems for strain measurement with resistive or piezo-resistive bridge transducers, dynamic strain measurement using constant current energisation, vibration measurement using tracking filters, frequency measurements using optical or magnetic pick ups, temperature measurement using rtd or thermocouples, non-contact displacement measurement using capacitance transducers, turbine blade tip clearance measurements, lvdts, isolation amplifiers and other techniques for handling high voltage common mode signals. All our signal conditioning systems are designed and manufactured at our UK factory in Preston, Lancashire. Our signal conditioning systems include USB data acquisition, programmable data acquisition, laboratory data acquisition, transducer head amplifiers, USB signal conditioning, laboratory signal conditioning. We have special expertise in turbine blade tip clearance measurement for power generating turbines. Our systems are modular signal conditioning which means that a system can have many channels with different types of signal conditioning module fitted to each channel. Although we are a UK designer and manufacturer, we welcome all enquiries and our instrumentation systems are in service in all parts of the world. UK signal conditioning systems Home page About Fylde Applications Products Data Sheets Contact us Travel directions Customer charter Quality plan Strain measurement Dynamic strain measurement Acceleration measurement Vibration measurement Frequency measurement Temperature measurement Capacitance methods for displacement measurement Displacement measurement using LVDTs Isolation Amplifiers Blue panelled modules Fylde 1800 series Micro Analog 2 USB data acquisition Programmable signal conditioning Vibration monitoring Custom solutions Signal conditioning systems UK