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5 Series IEPE Amplifier.


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The FE-530-IE is a high perfromance IEPE amplifier for conditioning piezo transducers with built-in low impedance buffering, commonly referrred to as Integrated Electronic Piezo Electric.
  • Unique IEPE current receiver allows operation with non-isolated transducers.
  • Use as a high bandwidth, low noise differential amplifier for other AC signal sources
  • Detects and displays open circuit transducer connection
  • Piezo accelerometers may be converted to IEPE using the FE-074-HAC head amplifier.
  • High pass and low pass filters configured by plug in resistor packs.
  • TEDS transducers can be used when the module is combined with the remote control option.

Download a data sheet for a full specification :  Get DataSheet

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