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Fylde Electronic Laboratories Ltd: Isolation Amplifiers.


An isolation amplifier is a device which can measure the voltage between two terminals while maintaining a physical barrier between the test points and the terminal at which the measured voltage is presented.

Isolation amplfiers are typically used in the following situations.

Note that many Fylde products have a high common mode range and / or high input impedance with excellent common mode rejection properties. In general such amplifiers will give superior performance to isolation amplifiers although the safety of the measurement installation must always be the primary consideration.

Protection against Overvoltage

All amplifiers have a maxiumum rating which if exceeded will damage the unit. If it is known that potentially damaging voltage transients are expected in a real measurement environment, then it is possible to protect against them, but at some compromise to the measurement range.

Follow this link to read our advice on the effect of protection devices which may be fitted to Isolation Amplifier systems.

Isolation Amplifiers

FE-560-IA Isolation Amplifier

The FE-560-IA is a high voltage isolation amplifier and attenuator providing galvanic isolation of up to 1.5 kV isolation between signal earth and output earth. The amplifier has gains from 1/100 up to x 100 with gain accuracy typically +/-0.1% for all steps. Isolation mode rejection is better than 150 dB (at gain 100). A 3 pole active filter is included, set by a plug in resistor network, the isolation amplifier is capable of operation up to 50kHz.

This amplifier has measurement ranges from 10m mV peak up to 1kV peak.

Download a FE-560-IA data sheet for a full specification :  Get DataSheet

FE-561-IA Isolation Amplifier

Isolation up to 1.5 kV combined with a bandwith of 50 kHz, gains from 1/250 to x 10 and common mode/ isolation mode rejection of > 120 dB allows this amplifier to be used for high accuracy measurement of a range of signals from 1V up to 2.5 kV

Download a FE-561-IA data sheet for a full specification :  Get DataSheet


Both the FE-560-IA and the FE-561-IA require an enclosure. We offer cases for 2,4,8,or 16 modules. Pictured below is the 4 channel enclosure (FE-PE4) for isolation amplifiers.


Click here for enclosure information.

  Picture of FE-561-IAH Picture of FE-561-IAH

FE-083-ISO DIN Rail Isolation Amplifier

A high bandwidth isolation amplifier in a DIN rail format. Input ranges (for 10V output) are 1V, 10V, 100V and 1kV. The isolation voltage is 1000 V and bandwidth exceeds 50 kHz. The module provides both voltage and 4-20 mA outputs.

Download a FE-083-ISO data sheet for a full specification :  Get DataSheet




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