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Micro Analog 2.

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Micro Analog 2 is a low cost multi-channel solution which addresses all signal conditioning requirements using a range of plug in modules and enclosures. . Fit any combination of signal conditioning modules for application with the chosen sensor type. Screw on the rear panel adaptor if one is needed for your sensor. Add the USB data acquisition module to connect directly to your PC or use the BNC and other adaptors to connect to your data acquisition equipment.


  • Strain Gauges
  • Load Cells
  • Pressure Transducers
  • AC and DC LVDTs
  • Accelerometers
  • Thermocouples
  • Frequency Pickups
  • etc.
FEMM40 menu item



  • Up to 40 channels
  • 2U Rack or Bench Mount
  • USB data acquisition
  • DC powered
FEMM16 menu item


  • Up to 16 channels
  • 2U Rack or Bench Mount
  • USB data acquisition
  • DC powered
FEMM8 meni item


  • Up to 8 channels
  • DC powered
  • USB data acquisition
  • Rugged and Portable


  • Up to 4 channels
  • DC powered
  • Most compact USB data acquisition
  • Highest sample rate (100 kHz each channel)
FEMA3240 menu item


  • Up to 40 channels
  • 2U Rack or Bench Mount
  • Mains powered
Modules menu item

Micro Analo2 Modules


  • FE-366-TA Bridge Transducer Amplifier
  • FE-H366-TA High Bandwidth Bridge Transducer Amplifier
  • FE-366-AC AC Amplifier
  • FE-346-CA Carrier Amplifier
  • FE-356-OA General Purpose Amplifier
  • FE-376-IP Accelerometer Amplifier
  • FE-386-TC Thermocouple Amplifier
  • FE-396-FV Frequency to Voltage Converter
Conectors menu item

MA2 ConnectorsMA2 Connectors


  • CA-366-TA Screw Terminals
  • CA-386-TC CJC for Thermocouples
  • CA-376-IP Coaxial Input Connectors
  • FE-MAC-40C 40 BNC outputs
  • FE-MAC-8C 8 BNC Outputs


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