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Micro Analog 2 - FE-MA32/40.

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The FE-MA32 and FE-MA40 repackage FYLDE's renowned analogue front ends into a compact and versatile system. With 40 channels (32 in FE-MA32) in a 2U chassis, the system provides the ultimate in high analogue performance at the lowest cost per channel.

This system is signal conditioning only, and does not support USB data acquisistion.

The front panel drops down to allow any of the Micro Analog 2 modules to be inserted into any position. Configuration and operation is simple, and the rear panel connector may be connected to the 40 way BNC adaptor or connected using an adaptor to any data acquisition system.

FE-MA32 Front OpenFE-MA32 system

16 input connectors (one for each pair of channels) are shown in the rear panel illustration.

FE-MA32 system rear panel


Load Cells, Pressure Transducers, Strain Gauges, DCLVDTs, Potentiometers, all forms of bridge type transducers and DC voltage signals, Accelerometers, Hydrophones, ICP® transducers and AC voltage signals, Thermocouples, Frequency Pickups. Mix and Match cards as required.

System Specification

Maximum 40 channel analogue instrumentation system in 2U enclosure. System can be supplied with rack mounting ears or front panel handles.

Up to 20 dual channel cards in any combination plus optional Auto-Zero card.

230V/115V 50/60 Hz 50 VA. (DC operation using true sine inverter is possible).

Inputs 20 x 7 pin Tuchel. Output 50 way SCSI(1) socket. Adaptors available for both input and output connectors.

Dimensions 100(H) x 450(W) x 375(D) 0°C to 40°C, 0 to 80 % R.H. non condensing.


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