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Micro Analog 2 Signal Conditioning Modules.

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All Micro Analog 2 plug in modules are interchangeable within and between the types of chassis. They have been designed to maintain high performance at the minimum cost.

The modules together provide a very wide range of options for signal conditioning because they handle almost every type of transducer.

 FE-366-TA Bridge Transducer Module

A dual channel bridge transducer and strain gauge amplifier complete with filter. Shunt balance & Auto-Zero. Internal jumpers set gain, filter and bridge type. 

This module can also be used with RTD type transducers using the CA-366-RTD adaptor.

Bridge Power

 2,5 V , 5 V , and 10 V

 Balance  screwdriver shunt balance and Auto Zero.
 Calibration  remote shunt calibration
 Gain  jumpers for x1 to x5000 and vernier to x 2.5
 Completion internal: full, 1/2 and 1/4 bridges.
 Input Impedance > 2 M ohm excluding balance resistor.
 Common Mode Rejection > 80 dB (gain 1k) DC to 500 Hz
 Noise Input: < 7 V pk-pk DC to 10 kHz
 Bandwidth DC to 10 kHz.
 Output Voltage 10 V into 2 kohm, 5 nF max
 Low Pass Filter -60 dB / decade set by plug in resistor network.

 FE-376-IPF ICP Module

A dual channel AC coupled amplifier with constant current source for transducers with built in electronics (ICP). Internal jumpers set gain and filter.

This amplifier may be used with charge transducers using the FE-074-HA/C head amplifier. A suitable connector adaptor is the CA-376-IP for transducers with coaxial connectors.

Current Source 2 sources per module
Level 4 mA @ 20 V
Noise < 0.1 A RMS (DC to 20 kHz)

 jumpers for x1 to x300 (1, 3, 10 steps)

or 0 dB to 50 dB in 10 dB steps

vernier Additional x 1 to x 3.2 (0 to +10 dB)
Input Coupling 0.16 Hz -3 dB, 1 Hz -0.1 dB
Indication LED indication of current flow
Bandwidth 0.16 Hz to 30 kHz (-3 dB)
Output Voltage 10 V into 2 kohm , 5 nF max
Low pass filter 8 pole -160 dB / decade set by plug in resistor network.
High pass filter 2 pole -40 dB / decade set by plug in resistor network.
Remote Earth Special plug in for earthed transducers.

 FE-386-TC Thermocouple Module

A dual channel Thermocouple Amplifier with full scale ranges of 200 C, 500 C and 1000C. Cold junction reference and linearisation for type K.

This module requires the FE-386-TC Thermocouple Adaptor

CJC 39.4 V/C (type K) set for 0C 0.5C
Stability 5 V/C referred to input including CJC error.
Ranges  -50C to 200 C, 500C and 1000C F.S.
Input Differential with > 20 kohm input impedance
Common Mode >50 dB at 50 Hz
Accuracy 1 C 0.5% of full scale
Vernier Gain screwdriver x1 to x 2.5
Bandwidth 1 kHz , rise time 0.3 ms (10%-90%)
Filter jumper cut off to 10 Hz (rise time 30 ms)
Output Voltage 10 V into 2 kohm, 5 nF max

 FE-396-FV Frequency to Voltage Module

A dual channel frequency to voltage converter for frequency pick-ups. Internal jumpers set range and response time.

Frequency  Min. 0 to 50 Hz, Max. 0-20 kHz for 0 to 10 V output using jumpers in a 1,2,5 sequence.
Conversion Digital period measurement and 10 bit DAC
Input Signal 25 mV RMS to > 10 V pk-pk
Indicators Signal present and 'tune' (signal quality)
Trigger control for input threshold adjustment
Response time

0.5 Hz to 3 kHz. 2 input periods or 1.5 ms.

3 kHz to 20 kHz. 32 input periods or 1.5 ms

Linearity 0.1% of full scale
Digital Averaging Selectable using internal jumpers
 Output Voltage 10 V into 2 kohm, 5 nF max

 FE-366-AZ Auto Zero Module

The optional microcontroller based digital auto-zero for the FE-366-TA module is able to automatically zero up to 40 channels by voltage injection and fits in the auxiliary slot in either the FE-MA32/40 system or the FE-MM8 system. FE-366-TA modules must have the Auto Zero option enabled.

Capability Able to balance up to 40 channels (20 modules) of type FE-366-AZ
Controls Front mounted Auto Zero push button or remote operation via opto-coupler.
Indicators AZ in progress. System Healthy. Remote monitoring of AZ in progress.
Auto Zero Time Approximate 1 s per channel.
Noise Rejection Averaging algorithm enables zero with up to 50 Hz 1 V pk-pk interference.
Storing function Non volatile memory restores previous zero balance conditions.
Auto Zero Out Jumper to inspect original zero state.

 FE-346-CA Carrier Amplifier

A dual channel carrier amplifier for LVDT transducers which require AC energisation.

Oscillator 5 kHz 1% sine wave
Oscillator Amplitude 1V ,2V or 3V RMS 1%, link selectable
Oscillator Drive Capability 1 V RMS into 100 ohms
3V RMS into 200 ohms
Bridge Balance Front panel potentiometer, jumper selectable shunt or voltage injection balance.
Completion jumper selectable bridge completion
Gain Accuracy Better than 0.5% in 1,2,5 steps from 1 to 50
Bandwidth Max 1 kHz selected by plug in network for 3 pole filter.

 FE-356-OA Operational Amplifier

Sometimes there is a need to handle the unforeseen ! This module allows FYLDE to configure special purpose circuits for use in the Micro Analog 2 system.

Transducer Power Jumper selectable. +5 V, +10 V, +12V , +24 V
Input configuration AC or DC coupled differential amplifier with up to 50 V common mode.
Input gain and bandwidth User specified
Offset Jumper selectable single ended or bipolar set by front panel control.
Filter 3 pole low pass set by plug in resistor network.
Output stage Jumper selectable x1, x2 or x5 gain with additional gain set by front panel control.

 FE-356-USB Interface Module

8 channel 16 bit A to D converters with USB 1.1 interface. 8 x 50 kS/s.

This module replaces the FE-366-AZ Auto Zero module. It provides all the functions of the Auto Zero module and the USB interface. It can only be used in systems fitted with a rear panel USB connector. (e.g. FE-MM8-USB)

 Analog Inputs

8 +/- 10 V signals from four dual channel transducer interface modules.

 Resolution  16 bit
 Range  +/- 10 V
 Sampling Rate  Maximum 8 x 50 000 samples per second.
 Offset < +/- 5 mV
 Noise < 2 mV pk-pk
 Crosstalk -95 dB at 50 kS/s with 5 kHz sine wave input.
 Gain Error < 0.1%
 USB Standard USB Specification Revision 1.1

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