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New Products.


Picture of FE-420-CD and FE-419-CDT

Amplifiers for Distance Measurement using Capacitance Sensors

We have revised our existing and long established FE-420-CD and FE-419-CDT products to make a single amplifier which previously required three separate modules. In addition we have simplified their control and added features which are focussed on the customers needs for displacement measurement using capacitance transducers.

The LED front panel displays either the output measurement in Volts, or a distance measurement derived from the transducer's calibration curve.

More about the FE-420-CD : Data Sheet

When cable lengths from amplifier to probe must be longer than 4 meters and cable temperatures exceed 100 degrees C, We recommend the FE-419-CDT amplifier which uses a diferent electronic principle.

More about the FE-419-CDT : Data Sheet

Capacitance Displacement Transducers from Fylde : Data Sheet

Picture of FE-074-HA/C

Compact Head Amplifiers for Charge Accelerometers

The FE-074-HA/C is a charge amplifier for application as a head amplifier in IEPE type systems using nominally 2-4 mA. Versions are avaialble with a sensitivity of either 1mV/pC or 10 mV/pC. The unit transmits AC signals on coaxial cable and is compatible with IEPE sources of 2-6 mA. The frequency response extends from approximately 1 Hz to 25 kHz with a dynamic range extending up to 2V RMS. Connection is BNC or microdot input and BNC output.

More about the FE-074-HA/C : Data Sheet

Some Charge Transducers have low output impedance at high temperatures. We offer a Charge Head Amplifier FE-071-HA/C similar to the above but able to operate with as little as 10k input impedance.

More about the FE-071-HA/C : Data Sheet

Picture of FE-561-IAH

Picture of FE-561-IAH

FE-561-IA high performance High Input Voltage Isolation Amplifier

Isolation up to 1.5 kV combined with a bandwith of 50 kHz, gains from 1/250 to x 10 and common mode/ isolation mode rejection of > 150 dB allows this amplifier to be used for high accuracy measurement of a range of signals up to 2.5 kV

The unit illustrated shows a four channel system with membrane controls and LED indicators on the front panels. The rear view shows the standard arrangement with HV input connections and BNC outputs. Systems are available with 2,4,8, or 16 channels or unused slots can be replaced with blanks. Hence a system with any number of channels can be built.

More about the FE-561-IA : Data Sheet

The FE-560-IA Isolation amplifier with gains from 1/100,1/10/ x1, x10, x100 can also be used.

More about the FE-560-IA : Data Sheet

Picture of FE-083-ISO

DIN Rail High Bandwidth Isolation Amplifier

A high bandwidth isolation amplifier in a DIN rail format. Input ranges (for 10V output) are 1V, 10V, 100V and 1kV. The isolation voltage is 1000 V and bandwidth exceeds 50 kHz. The module provides both voltage and 4-20 mA outputs. 

More about the FE-083-ISO : Data Sheet

Picture of FE-128-CA-H

High Charge Amplifier

A high charge version of the FE-128-CA piezo transducer amplifier with conventional charge amplifier characteristics and a wide sensitivity range for static and dynamic applications

More about the FE-128-CA-H : Data Sheet

Picture of FE-MM4 USB

4 Channel USB Signal Conditioning and Data Acquisition

The FE-MM4 now has USB data acquisition which allows each of its 4 signal conditioning channels to be continuously sampled at 100 kHz. In common with the 8, 16, and 40 channel systems in the micro-analog 2 product range, it is supplied with free MADAQ data acquisition software. Signal conditioning for a wide range of transducer types is available.

More Information

Picture of FE-537-SGA

IEPE Receiver and AC Amplifier

The FE-530-IE combines a low noise, high bandwidth AC differential amplifier with current source power for IEPE transducers. Features include IEPE bias voltage monitoring, and handling transducers with remote earthing. Bandwidth extends from 1 Hz to 75 kHz with an 8 pole low pass and 2 pole high pass filter for frequency band selection.

More about the FE-530-IE : Data Sheet

Picture of FE-379-TA

Bridge Amplifier

The FE-579-TA is a compact unit providing very simple operation combined with high performance. The module handles all full and fractional bridge transducer types including remote sensing of supply voltage for long lead applications. Features include more than 100 kHz bandwidth, an 8 pole filter, selectable gain from 1 to 3000, and bridge supply selectable from 1 to 10 volts. The module combines auto-balance and auto-zero which greatly simplifies bridge transducer set-up. Front panel controls are complemented by optional RS232C serial control.

More about the FE-579-TA : Data Sheet

Picture of FE-537-SGA

Dynamic Strain Gauge Amplifier

The FE-537-SGA combines a low noise, high bandwidth differential amplifier with a very stable and low noise current source. The module supplies a constant current to a resistive transducer (e.g. 1/4 bridge strain gauge) and measures the dynamic voltage change as the transducer resistance varies. Bandwidth extends from 1 Hz to 100 kHz with an 8 pole low pass and 2 pole high pass filter for frequency band selection.

More about the FE-537-SGA : Data Sheet

Picture of FE-H379-TA

High Bandwidth Transducer Amplifier

The FE-H379-TA is a low noise, high bandwidth instrument with many features which make it especially suited to high speed bridge transducer applications. The switched filter can select the optimum bandwidth for the measurement ensuring that the inherent low noise performance is fully available. The unit uses the same bridge energisation unit as the Fylde FE-379-TA coupled with a new amplifier which has not only high bandwidth (500kHz) but also has high slew rate, auto-zero, limit detection, switched filter, and high RF immunity.

More about the FE-H379-TA : Data Sheet

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