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Fylde Electronic Laboratories Ltd: Strain Measurement.


Strain measurement using resistive bridges such as strain gauges requires an instrument which can provide the following functions

Other functions may be necessary in some applications. (e.g. Auto Zero, Remote Sensing, High Bandwidth, Low Pass Filtering etc.)

The FE-366-TA is a Micro Analog 2 module which may be optionally connected by USB to make a strain gauge data acquisistion system. Free FYLDE MADAQ software supplied with all USB systems includes processing of Strain Gauge parameters to give results in microStrains. Direct analog connection to other data acquisition systems can replace the USB connection option.

Bridge Amplifiers


A bridge amplifier with high performance, simple controls, and auto-balance.


A bridge amplifier with a complete set of features controlled manually from its front panel.


Although the FE-379-TA above is a high bandwidth amplifier, sometimes this ultra-high bandwidth (500 kHz) module is required.


When many channels of strain gauges are used, this module provides a cost effective solution. On board jumpers are used rather than front panel controls.


Developed specifically for flight test applications, This module is capable of operation in the most demanding environments.


A programmable module normally used in a multichannel system allowing strain measurement to be remotely controlled by a computer. This is a single channel module which allows a total of 16 programmable channels in a 19 inch system.


A dual channel programmable module which allows 32 channels of strain measurement to be remotely controlled by a computer.




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