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Fylde Electronic Laboratories Ltd: Temperature Measurement.


Fylde offer modular instruments for temperature measurement from both thermocouple and RTD (Resistance Temperature Device) sensors.

Instruments to develop a voltage proportional to temperature from thermocouple sensors typically provide the following features:

Fylde's thermocouple signal conditioning modules use analogue computation techniques for linearisation, hence they are able to provide a very fast response to sudden changes in input signal. Although they are suitable for general use, this makes them capable of fast rise time temperature studies (e.g. engine combustion chambers or explosive devices.)

Thermocouple Signal Conditioning

Note that the FE-363-TCL is available linearised for one four temperature ranges for K type thermocouples only. The FE-386-TC has a number of jumper selectable temperature ranges and again is linearised for K type thermocouples only.

The FE-386-TC is a Micro Analog 2 module which can be connected by USB to make a temperature data acquisistion system. Free FYLDE MADAQ software is supplied with all USB systems.


A single channel module for K type thermocouples with a factory set temperature range. This type of module is supplied in a case for which the user can specify an input connector type.


A dual channel module for K type thermocouples with jumper selectable temperature ranges. This is a Micro-Analog 2 module which means that the case must be fitted with the screw terminal thermocouple adapter CA-386-TC. The adapter contains the sensor for the cold junction temperature.

RTD (Resistance Temperature Device) Signal Conditioning

RTD devices have a precise resistance v temperature relationship. If you have a Fylde FE-379-TA module, it can be used to energise the RTD with a constant current and measure the voltage across the device.




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