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Happy 60th Birthday Fylde Electronic Laboratories!

We’ve come a long way since the fledgling company was set up in Sedge Crossley’s box bedroom in Blackpool on the Fylde coast.

The three original directors, Sedge, John Stringfellow and Peter Jackson had previously worked in the nuclear power industry and for BAC, (now BAE Systems) the home of the record breaking English Electric Lightning. Fylde soon moved to Preston as the business grew and has been at the same city centre location since the mid 1970’s. Technology has obviously moved forward since the days of the Cold War. Fylde has also grown and developed through a fundamental understanding of the electronics and physics necessary to meet customers’ signal conditioning requirements.


A lot as changed in 60 years from Frank Wanless’s research enabling 120 MOS transistor to fit inside a single IC to Nvidia’s Blackwell B100 boosting 208,000,000,000 MOSFET’s enabling their GPU’s to lead the way in AI advancements.

Here at Fylde we are always keeping ourselves aware of advancements with silicon devices, recently attending an Analog Devices event showcasing new zero drift op amps and 24 bit DAC’s.

CAD tools are another major change over this time, from taped oversized PCB artwork to 3D models that can be assessed with no physical product required.


In 1964 the English Electric Lightning was the pride of the RAF, designed to achieve a unprecedented climb rate its job as an interceptor was to guard our shores from nuclear capable visitors from the east.

2024 and we focus on the Euro Fighter Typhoon, even the arrival of the F35 as not overshadowed the importance of this versatile multi role aircraft. We all wait to see if the new 6th generation NGF will finally allow the retirement of this agile aircraft.

Our blade tip measurement systems are used all over the world, supporting production and development.

Power Generation

During the 1960’s coal provided 90% of the resources used to power our nation. Being in the north of England we are surrounded by mining towns and still have reminders of this era.

As we look to the future and the ability to harness natures gifts of solar, wind, tidal and hydro energy, technology as never had a more important role. Ensuring accurate commissioning, preventive maintenance, measurable output and efficiency are all key to the success of our net zero aims.

Here at Fylde we have solutions to measure just about anything:-

HV, frequency, strain, stress, charge, acceleration, load and the list continues………….


1960’s British motor-sport had a fantastic ambassador in the from of Lotus. While picking up formula 1 championships on the track in both drivers and constructors, the Elan was becoming the a desired purchase for many young motorists, I mean who would not want to be seen in a Lotus!

As we move towards the net zero carbon emission deadlines it looks more and more likely electric transport will fill the majority of the market by 2035, as we now dream of a drive in a Lotus Eletre.

Fylde have supplied this industry for years, with our frequency to voltage and isolation amplifier still very popular.

Fylde has developed a very diverse portfolio of past and present clients from many industries. We have helped to link the movement of the Leaning Tower of Pisa to the phases of the moon. We are involved with the monitoring of large civil engineering projects. Our instrumentation is used for the development of cutting-edge race cars as well as for production road vehicles. Our Isolation Amplifiers are used in the development of the latest electric road vehicles and trains. If it flies, floats or lives beneath the waves, we’ve got kit that can help.

We have supplied equipment to concerns as diverse as CERN and their Large Hadron Collider in Europe and to the horse racing industry for monitoring the quality of their racecourses. Research departments and universities love our high-speed amplifiers for their Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar testing. We’ve supplied equipment and support to clients on all seven continents. Yes, including Antarctica!

The list goes on, as does the Fylde team. We’re into the fourth generation of staff and have attracted new members from around the country, mainland Europe and beyond. The Fylde family have a wealth of knowledge and experience. We love analogue electronics, and we relish a challenge. So, well done team.

Happy 60th birthday and Many Happy Returns. Here’s to the next 60 glorious years!

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