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Fylde’s programmable instrumentation range includes various signal conditioning modules that can be controlled only by a computer.

Programmable instrumentation is typically used in test installations that perform routine tasks where a computer must have control over the instrumentation settings. In addition, the computer usually needs to also acquire the conditioned signals.

Fylde’s programmable modules use the computer’s RS232C or Ethernet interface to control and a separate data acquisition system to acquire the conditioned signals.The systems are normally supplied as up to 16 signal conditioning modules in a rack mountable case with a single interface module (RS232C or Ethernet) at the left.

  • FE-759-TA Transducer Amplifier

    FE-759-TA Transducer Amplifier

    A single channel strain gauge amplifier with comprehensive programmable features.

  • FE-729-TA Transducer Amplifier

    FE-729-TA Transducer Amplifier

    A dual channel strain gauge amplifier with a reduced set of features compared to the FE-759-TA.

  • FE-859-TA Transducer Amplifier

    FE-859-TA Transducer Amplifier

    A programmable AC/DC transducer amplifier with both constant current and constant voltage transducer supplies.

  • FE-859-HA Head Amplifier

    FE-859-HA Head Amplifier

    When used together with the FE-859-HA, this module adds the capability to use both Charge mode and IEPE mode accelerometers to provide a comprehensive signal conditioning system.

  • FE-768-PF Pole Filter

    FE-768-PF Pole Filter

    A programmable Low Pass, High Pass, or Band Pass 8 pole filter module.

  • FE-859-RA Rack System

    FE-859-RA Rack System

    The FE-859-RA is a rack system which combines the FE-859-TA and FE-859-HA modules.

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