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Fylde instrumentation – a benchmark for low-noise analogue design

For over fifty years we have been at the very forefront of analogue testing and measuring equipment. Our instruments are found in educational establishments, research centres, aerospace clusters, power generation systems, gas turbines, vehicle manufacturing plants, hydraulic valve factories and many more locations.

Our analogue signal conditioning solutions link transducers to data acquisition systems in ways that are as innovative as they are cost-effective. They are suitable for most transducer types and are constantly evolving to accommodate the introduction of new transducers that demand new technologies – we have the in-house design and manufacturing capabilities to respond quickly to technology developments as and when they arise.

Testing, measuring and monitoring: technologies that underpin our whole way of life.

Testing, measuring and monitoring are activities that are absolutely vital to any advanced industrial country. Without a sound testing and measuring infrastructure in place, safety would be severely compromised, our quality of life would be impaired and industries such as aerospace, automotive, marine and process engineering would barely function.

Given their importance to life as we know it, the fidelity of testing and measuring technologies is critical.

Bespoke design

In addition to our standard instruments, we can help with the specification, design and production of customised and semi-customised instrumentation to ISO 9000 quality standards. We work with engineers of all disciplines who demand the best in bespoke design at realistic prices.

Complete independence

We are totally independent of any particular transducer manufacturer. This independence gives us an impartiality that makes us well placed to recommend the most suitable transducer for your specific requirements. We’d be pleased to talk to you about any technical help and advice you need.

Build quality and support services

The quality of a product depends on its whole life cycle from specification through design and manufacture to support and servicing. We know that many of our technologies remain in service for decades and are totally committed to the build quality and support services that underpin such longevity.

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