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Data Acquisition

Choose from our standard systems or a custom solution for 4, 8 or 16 channels
Data acquisition and playback software includes MADAQ and LabView

The Fylde Micro Analog 2 products are all available with built-in data acquisition over the USB bus. All systems provide a total of 400 kHz sample rate at 16 bits. (A 4 channel system provides 100 kHz per channel, and a 40 channel system provides 10 kHz per channel.)

There remains the option to take the analogue output signals directly to other devices, but the built-in data acquisition provides a means to digitally record, display, and analyse the conditioned signal. This minimises system size and cabling and provides a simple but effective system.

The MADAQ application software provided with every system can be used for quick start up, or alternatively, the LabView examples provided can be used as the basis to write original software.

Get in contact with our team if you need software written to suit a particular purpose. We have often provided special LabView based applications where the standard software does not meet all of the requirements.




  • Fylde offer 4 systems available with a USB interface
  • All of our systems with its USB module inserted provide you with 400
  • Data Acquisition Systems combining a chassis with a USB interface.

  • FE-MM4 (FE-813-USB)
  • FE-MM8 (FE-356-USB)
  • FE-MM16 (FE-359-USB)
  • FE-MM40 (FE-357-USBM)
  • Software: Visit our downloads page for updates to your software