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Customer Charter

Our guarantee: 24 months from date of delivery, parts and labour.

Should the equipment develop a fault within this period, and providing that reasonable care has been taken in use, then we will repair or replace the faulty equipment as appropriate, free of charge and with as little disruption to the customer as possible. For full terms and conditions of this guarantee, please contact us.

Ongoing Technical Support: what we promise

Fylde equipment is designed, built and sold from our factory in Preston, England. So when you call us, you will often be able to speak directly to the designer of the instrumentation you are using. We are able to advise on operation, application, performance and transducer selection. We offer fast response with backup by telephone, email, and fax. We will arrange to visit if the problem cannot be speedily resolved by the first methods. This support is ongoing, not just for the 24 months guarantee period, but for the life of the instrument. This often means 10 or 15 years minimum and we keep records to support this period.

If there are problems: what we promise

We try very hard to avoid mistakes – but admit to being human. If there is a problem – please tell us ! We will do all we can to rescue the situation ; we are aware that engineers depend on having serviceable instruments, and that often, time is of the essence. We keep good stocks of standard products and parts for all our products, so will often be able to respond rapidly.