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The screw lock input connectors accept adaptors for different applications. For example coaxial connector adaptors for accelerometer signals or screw terminals with built in Cold Junction Compensation for Thermocouples. The multiway output connector may be used with a BNC connector adaptor, or you can connect directly to your data acquisition system using an adaptor cable.
  • Thermocouple Adaptor

    CA-386-TC Thermocouple Adaptor

    CA-386-TC Thermocouple Adaptor allows the connection of up to two type K thermocouples. The unit includes the temperature measurement device which controls the action of the cold junction compensation. This adaptor is always used with the FE-386-TC dual thermocouple amplifier module.

  • Screw Terminal Block Adaptor

    CA-366-TB Terminal Block Adaptor

    The CA-366-TB is an adaptor which allows the connection using screw terminals of a pair of transducers to the FE-366-TA module, FE-376-IP module, or FE-396-FV module.

  • Coaxial Connector Adaptor

    CA-376-IP Coaxial Connector Adaptor

    The CA-376-IP is an adaptor for transducers which terminate in coaxial (BNC) connectors. Typically used with the FE-376-IP ICP® amplifier module, it is also suited to the FE-396-FV Frequency to Voltage converter module, and the FE-366-TA transducer amplifier.

  • Adaptor for FE-366

    Adaptor for FE-366-TA to be used with RTD temperature transducers

    The CA-366-RTD is an adaptor which enables the FE-366-TA module to be used with RTD type temperature transducers.

  • Output panel for FE-MM40

    Output panel for FE-MM40

    The MAC-40C is an adaptor for the FE-MM40 system.

  • Output panel for FE-MM8

    Output panel for FE-MM8

    The MAC-8C is an adaptor for the FE-MM8 system.