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Plug In Modules

All Micro Analog 2 plug in modules are interchangeable within and between the types of chassis. They have been designed to maintain high performance at the minimum cost.

The modules together provide a very wide range of options for signal conditioning because they handle almost every type of transducer.

  • Bridge Transducer

    FE-366-TA Bridge Transducer Module (2 channels)

    A dual channel bridge transducer and strain gauge amplifier complete with filter. Shunt balance and Auto-Zero. Internal jumpers set gain, filter and bridge type.

  • IEPE

    FE-376-IPF ICP Module

    A dual channel AC coupled amplifier with constant current source for transducers with built in electronics (ICP). Internal jumpers set gain and filter.

    This amplifier may be used with charge transducers using the FE-074-HA/C head amplifier. A suitable connector adaptor is the CA-376-IP for transducers with coaxial connectors.

  • Thermocouple

    FE-386-TC Thermocouple Module

    A dual channel Thermocouple Amplifier with full scale ranges of 200°C, 500°C and 1000°C. Cold junction reference and linearisation for type K.

    This module requires the FE-386-TC Thermocouple Adaptor

  • Frequency to Voltage

    FE-396-FV Frequency to Voltage Module

    A dual channel frequency to voltage converter for frequency pick-ups. Internal jumpers set range and response time.

  • Auto Zero

    FE-366-AZ Auto Zero Module

    The optional microcontroller based digital auto-zero for the FE-366-TA module is able to automatically zero up to 40 channels by voltage injection and fits in the auxiliary slot in either the FE-MA32/40 system or the FE-MM8 system. FE-366-TA modules must have the Auto Zero option enabled.

  • Carrier Amplifier

    FE-346-CA Carrier Amplifier

    A dual channel carrier amplifier for LVDT transducers which require AC energisation.

  • Operational Amplifier

    FE-356-OA Operational Amplifier

    Sometimes there is a need to handle the unforeseen! This module allows FYLDE to configure special purpose circuits for use in the Micro Analog 2 system.